Instagram's New Competitive Look-alike TikTok Feature Comes Out In Brazil

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Instagram Fights back!

Instagram fights back! Instagram recently put out a new statement, saying they're adding a new feature to their platform; "Instagram reels." The feature looks a lot like TikTok, where creators can make 15s video clips with the most famous music. They can also use other user's audio from their memes or jokes. 

Reels only has been launch in brazil for iOS and Android. Instagram wanted to see how their app performs without any interference with TikTok. Tiktok has very little presence in Brazil, so it was the perfect place to test. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about trying to grow Reels, "We're trying first to see if we can get it to work in countries where TikTok is not already big." Instagram used this internationalization strategy to make Stories a hit where Snapchat hadn't expanded yet, and it worked surprisingly well. (1)

How Instagram reels works

If you would like to use reels, it will be apart of the stories tabs along the bottom. It will be next to boomerang and super zoom! You could either record with silence and borrow audio of another video they find through hashtag search or explore. Some audio snippets will have their pages kind of like TikToks hashtags! You can also stop the video and switch positions to make neat edits along with the audio! 

The Advantage

The one advantage Instagram has over TikTok is that all your friends are on Instagram, and it won't be hard for all of your followers to see your reels. But if you only want a select few to see your stories, you can post to your close friend list you can make in settings. 

Cloning TikTok isn't just about the features, though Reels does an excellent job of copying the core ones. Creating scripted content is new for most Instagram users, and could feel too showy or goofy for an app known for its seriousness.

The Problem

TikTok is 100% about acting ridiculous to make people smile; your image is damned. That's the opposite of the carefully manicured image of glamour and glory most Instagram users try to project. It could feel counter-intuitively more awkward to perform comedy in front of your real friends and fans than it does on a dedicated world stage. (2)

Instagram and Instagrammers may have to lose their artful, fresh aesthetic to embrace the silliness of tomorrow's social entertainment. But if Reels can change Instagram's culture to one where we're comfortable looking stupid, it could beat TikTok's talent competition by opening a million private karaoke rooms for goofing off just with friends. (3)


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