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Don't Build Just a business

Build a brand


Are you trying to "build a brand?"

Have you felt frustrated by your website's or content poor performance?

  1. Are you not sure what funnels have to build relationships?

  2. Need an easy way to communicate with your company 

  3. Feel like you are always telling people about what your business does?

  4. Don't trust freelancers?

Build Your Brand. 

Grow Your Business Online

Convert more customers

Use the proven StoryBrand Marketing Framework to engage your customers.

Increase your sales

Work with a Compass 9 so your Website, Design projects and Podcast so you can crush your marketing KPI's

Create a buzz

Give people the clarity they need to talk about you.


3 Simple Steps To Your New Brand

Tea Set

30 Minute Meeting to 

introduce ourselves

Fall Tokens

We collaborate with you to create a beautiful product


Enjoy how your brand feels online. 

People we love.


Brand Development.  (you're beautiful, now flaunt it.)

We have one objective - To create content that makes an impact. 


Today that can mean a variety of things. Will it fit into your budget? Can we fit it within the timeline? How do we incorporate this into different platforms? Is it effective for market segmentation? 


Our limitation has no end, we understand that there are no shortages of guardrails for brands. With our innovative storytelling strategies, constructing and building your message to match your company's objective is what the team at Compass 9 does best.






THE SHOW  (look Ma. I'm on the internet.)

There is no doubt that podcasts are one of the most engaging methods to connect with your audience in the market. Providing insightful information and becoming the source for curious consumers.


With the show your company is up to date on how companies are building their brands today. With different forms of redistribution, the podcast serves as the content machine.



Our Mission 


At Compass 9 Media, we know that companies have trouble creating a clear identity causing their message to become unrelatable. We’ve created a marketing framework that can be easily fit into any business. So your customer can understand who you are and what you stand for.

People we love working with are forward-thinking and adaptive, Passionate about their industry, and most importantly, runoff positivity and compassion.

Business Card Design

Your Idea Starts with a 30 mins call

In this call we will:

  • Talk about the problems you're experiencing

  • Strategize how to overcome them

  • Show you more examples of our work

  • Tell you about our pricing

  • Answer any other questions you have!

Have a question?


We've got answers! Get in touch and we'll help you out.


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